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Welcome to The Fit Vegetarian!

I’m Coach Madelin and I’m passionate about helping others reach their health and fitness goals.  I want to help you because I know what it feels like to struggle with weight gain, being diagnosed with various health conditions and, as a result, experiencing low self-esteem, lacking confidence, and just plain hating life.  My mission is to help you reclaim (and even improve upon) the person you used to know, and I firmly believe that cleaning up your nutrition will help you accomplish this.  I have found myself again by changing my eating habits, and I’m passionate about helping others do the same by fueling their bodies with fitness and a clean-eating lifestyle.


What people are saying about Coach Madelin Tundidor!

"Seriously I thank the day you gave me that nudge and got me off my butt to get working. I'm so much happier, want to get up and do my workout, and eat clean. Because of you. I love this group."

Nancy Briscoe

" I've always appreciated how "real" you are and how you never make us feel badly about not working out or when we make less-than-great food choices. Just another reason why this group has been a lifesaver for me. Without it, I would have given up a LOOONNG time ago."

Jennifer Norris

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