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3 Yoga Benefits for Men

Yoga often gets branded as being an exercise activity mainly used for women that prefer to stay away from heavy weights to avoid bulking up. For men, yoga may appear to be a waste of time but men may be missing out on extremely valuable benefits. Beachbody’s new 3 Week Yoga Retreat program which centers around the wonderful art of yoga along with previous fitness programs that incorporate yoga on a smaller scale such as p90x can benefit men much more than they may initially imagine.

Stay Flexible

As our body transforms, remaining flexible is a vital goal. If we bulk up and do not allow our joints and newly formed muscle to function properly, we could lose functionality and production in completing everyday tasks such as simply getting out of bed or tying your shoes. Yoga can provide an opportunity to learn how to use your body correctly and stay flexible through muscle gains.


Increase Strength and Endurance

Yoga can increase muscular strength? That’s right, it’s true. Think about how difficult it would be for most of us to hold and lift our own body weight amount in dumbbells. Lifting those amounts in free weights is very taxing on the body’s joints and can be dangerous if correct form and range of motion are ignored. Through yoga poses, you lift and hold your body weight in ways that lifting weights cannot affect. After intense yoga training sessions like in 3 Week Yoga Retreat, you will feel stronger in muscle groups you didn’t even know you could reach.


Fight Drops in Testosterone

It is natural science that testosterone levels in men drop with age. But when you add stress, testosterone levels plummet even faster. But by using yoga, it has been shown that testosterone drops can start to slow and men can continue to feel like themselves. Stress increases cortisol levels which take away our normal testosterone thus effecting all of our hormones creating an imbalance. The body then decides to create less testosterone and more cortisol. 3 Week Yoga Retreat can help you center your mind, control your breathing and unwind tense muscles all while getting a great workout also.


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