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Shells In Your Eggs

Wet your fingers to easily remove egg shells that found their way into your bowl of freshly-cracked eggs.  No more chasing the egg shells in the bowl like a dog chasing its tail and getting nowhere.  The shells will stick to your wet finger like magic.  Ta-Da!!

It’s my kitchen and I’ll cry if I want to (cue the music)

I LOVE onions but hate chopping them because the tears start flowing like an open faucet.  I value my fingers and want to see what I’m chopping!  Put your onions in the freezer for 10-15 minutes before you chop them and shed fewer tears as you chop away.  You also can don a pair of goggles while you chop, and then you’re ready for a dip in the pool when you’re done in the kitchen. LOL


Make It Stick

Keeping the chopping board from moving can be difficult and dangerous when you’re working with a sharp knife.  I put little rubber cabinet door/drawer stoppers in each corner of the bottom of the board and they grip the countertop beautifully.  I got these at Home Depot.  As an alternative, you could just dampen a paper towel and place it underneath the board to help keep it in place.

Hate to peel mangoes?

Mangoes are one of my favorite fruits, but peeling them is a pain in the proverbial arse!  Not anymore thanks to this little trick.  All you need is a plastic cup (because they tend to have a sharper edge than a glass).  Slice the mango lengthwise and as close as you can get to the pit on both sides.  You now have two halves.  Cup one of the halves in your palm and, while holding the plastic cup in your other hand, scoop the mango flesh out in one whole piece by pressing the edge of the mango closest to the peel up against the lip of the cup.  Voila!  You now have a peeled mango half in your cup!  Repeat for the other half.  watch the video

A little lemon goes a long way

I use fresh lemon juice in my morning cup of green tea every day.  Rather than cutting the lemon in half, squeezing the amount of juice I want, and then putting the lemons in a plastic baggie, I do one simple step.  I poke a hole in the base of the lemon and then squeeze out the juice.  (It helps if you first roll the lemon firmly on the counter to loosen it up and make it easier to squeeze).  I use the tip of a food thermometer to poke the lemon.  You also could use an ice pick.  You save time and a plastic baggie!  Simply put the lemon back in the produce drawer of your fridge until you need it again.

Watch the video of the above food hacks below.



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