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Hello 2023

2022 is done and 2023 is upon us.

Are you all ready for this?

Do you have any goals planned out?

Here are a few tips to set those goals.


A great habit is to really take a look back and forward. Take the time to write out 2023 on a piece of paper. Next, draw lines that connect 2022 to the major themes in your life such as Family/Friends, Health/Fitness, Career, or Finances. In each of those areas, you can create a goal or set a direction. Connect the goals to the theme area. This is called a concept map. These are used in many fields, and the process easily translates to all your goal setting!

One example could be making a health/fitness goal of movement 5 days a week. This can include a step goal, investing in a home workout program, or even plans to attend local classes. Another idea might be drinking eight 8oz cups of water each day of the week. Remember to connect your goals to some change or highlight this as important to you. Need to shop for a new knockout outfit for a spring trip in a few months? There you go! #goals

Positive Affirmations-

Repeating positive affirmations connects you each day to changing your outlook. Write out statements that coincide with your 2023 goals and repeat them each daily. Create affirmations that are full explanations of what you are going to accomplish. If your goal is to eat healthier, your affirmation may read as: “I am focused to learn new things about cooking to improve my healthy choices daily, and I commit to finding new recipes through researching cookbooks, health coach advice, and internet recipes each week.” Be positive.


Find yourself a good calendar. You can also download printable calendars online. Calendars of all shapes and sizes are at dollar stores. Your own phone probably has a calendar app you can use. Use one of these methods to track your daily goals. Marking off days gives you increased satisfaction and creates motivation to continue.

2023 is here.

Combine goals setting, repeating positive affirmations, and tracking daily to create an excellent start to the year.

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