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Hot Summer Workouts

With the warmer temperatures in the summer, many people like to take their fitness routines outside.  But summer also means heat, and there are some tips that you can use to help you stay cool and get summer fit.

Running, biking, or working out in the extreme temps can feel like punishment, but when you repeatedly use high-temperature workouts, there is a benefit. Seasoned athletes utilize warmer temps to up their game by improving their cardiovascular functions which enhance their performance year round.

Build Tolerance

Work up to working out in high temperatures by working out in a warm room or working out with an extra layer of clothes. Using a hot sauna or taking a warm bath can increase your heat exposure too.  Your body will start getting used to it, and the heat will not feel as hot.

Double Your Liquid Intake

To avoid dehydration be sure you drink 1 to 2 cups of warm water (not cold) 10 minutes before you head outside. This will start to activate your sweat, and your body will begin a cooling off phase, so it will not seem as hot outside. Be sure hydrate and do it often while you are out. It is much more beneficial to use Hydrate from the Beachbody Performance Line than water in this situation.

Carb Time!

Have a banana or whole grain bagel or a carbohydrate type food before you begin your outside fitness activity. Your body burns more carbs in the warmer workout. Hold your proteins for after your workout.

Activity Tracker or Heart Rate Monitor

In extreme warm workouts, you want to be able to check your heart rate. According to the American Heart Association keep your heart at or below 85% of your max. You heart rate climbs in the heat and takes longer to drop, so stay in a lower 70-75% of your max area. Check it and be aware in the heat.

Check the Heat

Always check the heat index before you head out for outdoor fitness. If you see a heat index of 95 or more that is a dangerous time. It would be best to stay and do the workout inside.  If you ever feel dizzy or have nausea, headaches, or muscle cramps seek medical help. These are signs of heat illnesses. Be careful and cool about it.

There is a certain excitement when you change it up and head outside in the warmness. Just be prepared and aware when you do this!

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