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Jump Start Your New Year’s Resolution

Each year we write down our New Year’s resolutions that all look great on paper and sound wonderful to make happen in the new year. Things go well at the beginning and then we lose motivation. This year can be different and all it takes is getting a head start on your goals now. Don’t wait around for the holiday season to end before starting a new lifestyle. Get on track today!

Here are some ways to start working towards your resolutions right now.

Holiday Meals – Starting on a balanced and healthy meal plan now versus after a holiday overeating season can help prepare your body and start working on your goals currently. All too often people can see a 5, 10, or 15-pound gain from unhealthy holiday eating. If you can begin to control your portions and eat smart now your weight goal will not be as far away. Staying at your weight or even losing some could be a big help in staying motivated and accomplishing what you set out to do for your resolutions.  Water plays a big part in this. Are you drinking at least 64 ounces each day?

Get Accustomed to a New Normal Schedule – Beginning a lifestyle change now and making it a new regular part of each day especially during hectic holiday schedules will be beneficial. Starting now will create a new habit. That habit you can continue doing. You need to tell yourself that you can find time to work out every day. Getting on track with time to exercise now will set you up for success.

Treat Yourself to Learning Self-Care – Exploring different ways to take care of you will show yourself that you deserve it. Finding some time will allow yourself time to breathe. Doing things like taking a walk, having a long bath, watching a movie, or spending time with family or friends can help you reach all your other personal goals.

Start Tracking Today – Set up a calendar and mark down your workouts, your food each day, your water intake, and when you use personal self-care days. Get in the habit of doing it now. Watch yourself have victory days and repeat those. Don’t wait for tomorrow!

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