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Muscle vs Fat:  Which Weighs More?

Does Muscle Weigh More Than Fat?

Have you ever heard that muscle weighs more than fat?  Well, I’m here to let you know that this is SO FALSE!!  A pound is nothing more than a measurement of the amount of gravitational pull the earth exerts on an object.

A pound is a pound.  It doesn’t
matter if it’s a pound of feathers or a pound of bricks.  What differs is the amount of space they occupy.  A pound of feathers will occupy a lot of space because they are not dense.  It takes a lot of feathers to make up one pound.  Bricks, on the other hand are very dense, occupying far less space than feathers for the same one pound.

The same holds true for fat and muscle.  Two people can weigh the same but look very different, depending on their body composition.  You know those people who seem to “carry their weight well” and can stump the guy at the guess-my-weight carnival booth?  That’s because they have a fair amount of muscle in their body.  Then there’s somebody of the same stature and weight as that other fit-looking person but is obese.  WHY?  Because fat occupies more space than muscle.  See what I mean?!

Now here’s my question to you:  Would you rather be a pound of feathers or bricks— fluffy or solid?  I know which I’m picking!  Muscles baby!!  The moral of the story:  stop putting so much stock in that freaking number on the scale!

This is a hot topic, especially when you want to measure your progress with that new exercise and nutritional plan you’ve been working so hard on, right?  The scale will play mind games with you, leading you to frustration, and you likely quitting your new healthy lifestyle because you’re not seeing progress.  DITCH THE SCALE people!!  “But how do I measure progress then, Madelin?” Ahh… I’m so glad you asked!  My next blog will give you the answer to this question and so much more.  So make sure to check back in!



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