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What are People Saying About Madelin Tundidor!

"Today is Saturday and boy, do I have news to share!

In taking my measurements, I'm happy to report that I have crushed my first goal of losing 50 lbs and have hit ONE-land! It's been a long time since I've been in One-derland.

It didn't feel like I was ever going to get there, but I'm proud to say that, not only have I done it, but that weight has not returned. In all of my time trying to get healthier and stronger, I've never been so successful in keeping the weight off.

Since I started clean eating, not ONCE has my weight gone UP. It's always come down. I hit discouraging plateau for a while, but after changing things up, I'm back on my way to my goals.

I'm so much stronger than have ever been and am amazed at all the things I have accomplished so far.

I cannot thank you all enough for all of the support, encouragement, and inspiration I get from you all. Coach Madelin, a special shout-out to you for all your wisdom and suggestion in helping me chose the right programs for me and never letting me forget how far I've come so far.

I've got another goal in mind, and a 15k to train for, and I cannot wait to see what I do next in my fitness journey."

Jennifer Norris

"You are such a God-send to me, and I am loving your groups and making lots of progress!

Thank you Mrs. Madelin Tundidor for your encouragement and ever so helpful insight! I am having continual success and it's from great inspiration like You, God bless you and I am giving thanks for you and this amazing group!... I am more than happy to be a part of any group of yours, you are a awesome and inspiring Coach, and I appreciate you so much for always being such a great motivator to me, you're the best!...

Madelin, I have seen you make such a transformation in your body over the time I've been with this group. You are always inspirational, upbeat, and involved. Thank you for making this group a safe, motivating place for all of us. Even when I am not contributing, I am here lurking and cheering. Keep up all the fantastic work!! Jennifer guillespie.

Thank you for believing in me the way you do Mrs. Madelin Tundidor, you are the best coach and friend a girl could ever want, I'm so motivated by you!"

Tricia Fontana

"I love the idea that you can be a BB coach and help others reach their goals while still maintaining a full-time job. Most other programs act like you have to make their products your life to succeed. With what I've learned tonight, it sounds like I get to continue to use the BB products I love and show others just how great they are and how great they can help you become while still living my life!

My coach, Madelin, has been such an inspiration to me and she has taught me so much. With her support and encouragement, I've lost almost 40 lbs and have substantially lowered my genetically-high blood pressure. Both are so important to me as my husband and I would like to start our family very soon.

If I can help just one person as much as Coach Madelin had helped me, it will be the best experience ever!"

Jennifer Norris

"Thank you, Madelin. I couldn't have done it without your encouragement and support... The 21 Day Fix Containers are the best new lifestyle ever. I eat better and more food then I have in a very long time. Madelin is an awesome coach and friend.."

Debbi England

"Seriously I thank the day you gave me that nudge and got me off my butt to get working. I'm so much happier, want to get up and do my workout, and eat clean. Because of you. I love this group."

Nancy Briscoe

"You work hard. You are personable, encouraging, friendly, always positive, dedicated. Loyal, creative, resourceful, honest , helpful and overall awesome. Thank you!"

Jodie Caskey

"Ordered a dress this week 2 sizes smaller From what I used to wear... It arrived today and it's still way to big for me! Time to ship back and order a smaller size! Never have I been so excited to return something! Thankful to my coach: Madelin Tundidor for pushing me and keeping me accountable! #addictedtoresults #feelinggood"

Amber Barrios

"Thank you Madelin Tundidor for your awesome support! You were always present to answer questions or cheer us on. What a wonderful coach. Thank you!... I am ringing in my 40th year feeling great! All those 4:30 am workouts paid off!!!"

Sharon McAleer