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Tips for a Healthy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all you moms!  Special occasions mean going out to eat to celebrate, so here are some tips to help you get through this weekend relatively unscathed:

? YOU choose the restaurant.  This is a biggie.  By now you know which restaurants have healthier options.  It’s YOUR day, you get to choose, so take advantage of it!  If you want to  try a new restaurant, scope out the menu online before you go.




? Rather than choosing a sedentary family activity like going to the movies, choose to go for a family hike, paddle boarding, bike ride, peddle boating, etc.  The day is about spending time with your family and what’s more fun than creating these memories while being active in a fun way?!


? PLAN your TREATS.  It’s a special occasion so you’re probably going to want to indulge.  I get it.  The key is to plan in advance.  You’ve picked the restaurant remember (see tip #1 above) so you know what you’re eating.  If you know you’ll be enjoying some wine, a mimosa, or dessert with your meal, cut back on your carbs throughout the day to help offset the indulgence.  It’s about balance.

? Moderation is key.  Don’t stuff your face with an entire bottle of wine or half of a cheesecake.  A little goes a long way.  Besides, if you’ve been eating clean for a while now, your stomach won’t be able to handle too much of that kind of stuff.

? Enjoy your treat GUILT FREE!  If you’re a mom, you’ve seriously EARNED it!

Have a great weekend and remember the winning combination:  fuel up for a fit life and work up a sweat!!  You will never go wrong if you do these two things consistently.

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