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Why Make Shakeology a Daily Habit

With fitness as our lifestyle choice, we see different supplement drinks and mixes constantly showing up on store shelves faster than we can blink. Everyone is looking for a leg up and something different than what they are doing currently. While many of us do a commendable job of staying on a strict nutritional regimen, it can be easy to pick and choose when to utilize our favorite supplement instead of remaining on a routine. Shakeology is the right choice if you are looking to add into your daily routine a valuable nutritional habit that can provide a vast variety of benefits for not only your body, but your taste buds and wallet as well.

Nutritional Benefits

Shakeology is constructed with an amazing mix of proteins including whey, chia, flax, and quinoa that build lean muscle. This formula is an effective way to feed your body a powerful blend of phytonutrients that curb hunger, boost your immune system and set your body up with total nutrition. Shakeology also contains probiotics that help your body use what it needs and allows you to have a regular, healthy digestive system. As a healthier option, it can be used for any meal of the day on any day of the week.


Versatile for Any Taste

Making yourself a shake is a great way to treat your taste buds in a way that is both healthy and natural. Besides the amazing taste from the Shakeology flavors themselves, you can also add your favorite fruits and vegetables to the blender as well. The possibilities are endless as to what types of flavors you can create with Shakeology, making it very easy to use on a daily basis. The days of bland, chalky shakes will be a thing of the past when you start drinking Shakeology; and with the variety of flavors and ways to mix it, you can enjoy a different flavored fresh shake every day.


Cost Efficient

Just about everyone can agree that being smart with our money is a good thing. Using Shakeology is not just a healthy decision, it is also a cost effective way to get fit. A bag of Shakeology should last approximately 1 month, so around 30 servings of deliciousness. The standard price per bag is about $130, and by using a Beachbody coach discount, the price drops to about $100 (a steal if you ask me). For about $4.00 or less per day you can have a filling, tasty meal that is actually healthy for you. Where else can you find a meal that gives you what you need to tackle a day and workout for that price?


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