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Blog Category: Recipes

Pesto Time

How many times have you seen pesto as a store or a fancy Italian restaurant and thought about having it at home? Why not make your own? Pesto at home... Continue Reading

Apricots Talk

Apricots are like a great blend of both plum and peach. You get the sweetness and the tartness with this fantastic fruit that is only 17 calories. The apricot is... Continue Reading

Hummus at Home

Hummus is a popular snack for every day and special occasions. Hummus is easy to make at home. Your kids can help you make it at home. Basic Plain Hummus... Continue Reading

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

You may be saying “more dark chocolate” more often once you learn these fantastic benefits. Dark chocolate has some superpowers that can help your health. Dark chocolate comes from the... Continue Reading

Coffee Choices

Who says “Everything is Better with Coffee” and believes it? A lot of people are on a coffee routine that gets them their caffeine fix. Some people make their coffee... Continue Reading

Bloat Happens

Bloat does happen, and we dislike it. Sometimes we overeat, or that particular female time of the month, and other times, stress throws a wrench in the digestion process. These... Continue Reading

Stuffed Potato

Baked potatoes don’t have to be just the potato with some butter and sour cream. You can stuff your potato, and that can take the dinner side into a good... Continue Reading

The Frozen Way

How many times do you hear or say to yourself, “can’t have this food or that food?” How would you like to hear about one great easy thing that you... Continue Reading