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Radishes Please

Radishes are a low-calorie veggie option that can spice up your food and make for a healthy crunchy snack. The most common radish is the red ball kind that is called Cherry Bomb. There is basically no fat and only 12 calories in a ½ cup serving. People often eaten raw, but they can be cooked. A crunchy, zingy, and peppery taste is a good description for a radish.

Having one serving of radishes provides a full third of your daily Vitamin C requirements. Also, you are getting a natural source of Vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and even zinc. This little radish has all the essential vitamins and nutrients needed. The big surprise is that they also have a small amount of protein too.

Using Radishes

You may know radishes are commonly used in Salads, Soups, and Veggie Trays. Often people slice them and put them in slaw, potato salad, tacos, and sandwiches. They can be roasted, grilled, pickled, thinly sliced, or creatively sculpted.

There are several different kinds of radishes to try. They come in a variety of shapes, lengths, colors, and sizes. Some popular ones to find are these:

  • Purple Ninjas
  • Lime Green
  • Black Round
  • Water-Melon
  • French Breakfast
  • Malaga Violet
  • White Hailstone

When you are in the produce section, be sure to pick some up.
If you have a garden, try this as a planting some.

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