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The 411 of Cooking Oils

If you look in the grocery store, there are many different kinds of oils. Cooking with healthy recipes often mention oils that you may not have at home. It is important to get the low down on some of the more popular oils, so you have an idea about what they are and their benefit.

When selecting oils for cooking, you have many options to choose from now. Here are six popular choices.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This oil is popular and used in cooking and on salad. In Italian restaurants,  you will see if offered with bread. It has been linked to reducing blood sugar within two hours of consuming it. Another benefit is that olive oil raises the good cholesterol and lowers the bad kind in your body.

2. Coconut Oil

This oil is growing in use and has been under scrutiny recently. It is very high in saturated fats. Using coconut oil is the best choice for high heat cooking. The fatty acids are saturated in it, and it is resistant to heat. The benefits linked to it are increasing the feeling of fullness if dieting, improving cholesterol, and killing bacteria.

3. Avocado Oil

This particular oil is considered newer on the scene. The oil has a very light taste which makes it a great addition to salad dressing. Health benefits linked are the prevention of diabetes, high cholesterol, and obesity. Avocado oil is one of the good fat choices. It is high in heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and antioxidants.

4. Corn Oil

Corn oil is perhaps the most known and used by home cooks. Utilize corn oil in baking, stir frying, and deep frying. Margarine contains corn oil. The oil has benefits associated with heart health and lower cholesterol.

5. Canola Oil

This oil is derived from rapeseed which is part of the mustard family. Cost wise this oil is lower than olive oil. Canola oil is considered versatile and it is lighter oil for frying. This oil has a healthy dose of Vitamin E in it which is beneficial to brain function which includes memory and brain health.

6. Sesame Oil

Often sesame oil is associated with Asian dishes.  It is an anti-inflammatory that helps to regulate blood pressure. When you think of sesame oil, you may think of stir fry, but a big tip is to use other oils to cook then add the sesame oil at the end for a great flavor taste.

Find new oils and try them the next time you are cooking. Why not change up the oil choices in the house?

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