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Summer Shoulders

As we work on toning up our bodies and create the ideal image we want, sometimes we forget about our shoulders. We focus so much on having abs appear or producing perfect legs instead of realizing that the shoulders are a significant area of the body to show off, especially for the summer.

Here are some moves without weights to help you get those fantastic shoulders:

  • Push-Ups
    Yes, push-ups! They work the shoulders, arms, chest, quads, and butt.
    Do your push-up or variation on your knees or against the wall. A set is 10. Try 3 sets.
  • Arm Circles
    These work the arms and shoulders.
    Start with 10 little circles toward the front and then reverse direction. Next, do 10 big circles to the front and change direction again.  Work these for 3 full sets.
  • Side Plank Rotation
    These planks work abs, obliques, and shoulders.
    Start in the plank position. Move to a side plank on the right palm with your arm raised and your feet stacked. Return to a standard plank and repeat on the left. That is 1 rep—complete 10 of these.

You can even venture into weight work after you get these movements down. Summer shoulders help with cute no sleeve shirts. Are you ready to get to work?

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