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Eating Healthy on a Budget

Eating Healthy on a Budget #1

How To Save Money on Groceries

WOOT WOOT!!!  You’ve decided to clean up your nutrition, but man is your grocery budget taking a hit, right?!  Been there and done that!  Let’s get you eating healthier without breaking the bank, shall we?

TIP #1: Buy in season

Buy produce that is in season to get the absolute best price.  When out of season, they have to be imported from other countries.  Guess what that means?  Higher prices.  No thank you!  Stick with your seasonal fruits and veggies and you’ll save $$.

TIP #2: Buy frozen

Still have a craving for some peaches or other out-of-season produce, buy it frozen.  Make sure it’s “clean,” meaning it has no added preservatives or sugar.  Check the ingredient label!  Frozen fruit is great in smoothies, as a topping for waffles or mixed in with yogurt or cottage cheese (thaw it first).

TIP #3: Comparison Shop

I know, you thought your homework days were over when you finished school.  Just because you’re “adulting” doesn’t mean you don’t do homework.  It’s just a different kind of assignment—one that will save you some cash!  There’s an incentive for getting it done, right?!

Comparison shopping involves scoping out the circulars for the best deals and shopping the sales.  Also, sign up for the free club cards for every grocery store you frequent.  You’ll save loads of money because most of the sale prices are only for club card holders.

The few minutes it takes to scope out the circulars for the best deals translates to money saved.  A wise investment in my opinion.

TIP #4: Shop the Clearance Rack

Did you know that every store has clearance racks?  Yep!  This is where the best deals can be found because the items need to be sold before they spoil.  Stores would rather sell their items at half price than lose out entirely.  This is where you swoop in and save like a boss!

TIP #5: Buy in bulk

You don’t even need a big chain club membership for this (but if you have one, that’s a plus).  Plenty of grocery stores now have bulk buys.  The bigger the buy, the lower the price which translates to more money in your pocket.  SCORE!  I know what you’re thinking: “But all that food I’m buying in bulk spoils before I can use it all up, so I’m really wasting money.”  NOPE!  This is where you need to learn all about how to make your groceries stay fresh longer.  I’ll be covering this in part 2 of this series, so tune back in for that!

Follow these tips and you’ll be saving money while you FUEL UP for a FIT LIFE!!



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