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Coconut Oil Uses

I love coconut!  I’m talking coconut anything: soap, ice cream, lotion, car deodorizers, coconut milk, etc.  I guess it’s the Caribbean Island girl in me– so when coconut oil was... Continue Reading

Diet Soda Pitfalls

  THE PERILS OF SODA #3:  Diet Soda In part two, I shared all about the sugar in soda and why soda is so addicting.  Many people switched from regular... Continue Reading


Why It’s Addictive I am so thankful that I never developed a taste for soda (or anything carbonated for that matter).  I have my mother to thank for that.  Growing... Continue Reading

The Perils of Soda–What’s in it?

You’ve heard it at least a thousand times:  Soda is bad for you.  Yet, you keep right on drinking it, somehow hoping that it’s just an old wives’ tale and... Continue Reading


Shells In Your Eggs Wet your fingers to easily remove egg shells that found their way into your bowl of freshly-cracked eggs.  No more chasing the egg shells in the... Continue Reading